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Susanne Balzer – USA

Anne-Sofie is just an amazing, trustworthy woman I would buy my next PRE definetly from her, and I also recommend her to my friends who are in search of a PRE.
I bought my PRE stallion from her 6 years ago. I went to Spain and Anne- Sofie showed me every horse we discussed before the trip. Unfortunately I didn’t buy one because they had Piro and one didn’t pass the vetting. But there was one stallion I liked from her page that I didn’t try because he was out of my price range.
But I got lucky, 3 weeks later I got a call from Anne- Sofie that they would negotiate and I bought him WITHOUT even trying him. It was the best decision I made! That should tell you how good she is. I trust her so much I would do it again!

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