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Sofie Gates Andalusitano


My name is Sofie Gates. I was born in Sweden  40 years ago but the last 28 years I have had my base in Spain. I have also lived in the UK and I went back to Sweden to finish my university studies in Theology before I decided that it was Andalusian horses I wanted to work with! During the last 10 years I have been studying the art of dressage and and I am trained as a high school dressage rider, educated by some of Portugal’s and Spain’s foremost riders.

On dressage…

I love the connection between horse and human in the dressage and I love the total harmony when this connection is perfected! As with anything that has to do with art, you never stop learning and one of the main things I have learned is that there is so much to learn. It doesn’t matter what the dressage is called… It can be anything from Baroque dressage to, classical, to competition dressage or Alta Escuela but one thing is sure, you can always see when there is harmony, and when there is not. That’s what counts! Therefore I don’t like to judge any form of dressage, it’s not the name, clothes or “tag” that makes the rider, it’s the passion for learning and respect for the horse.

The responsibility of choosing the right horse for the right person…

My job involves a great responsibility as I am many times the person that is trusted, both by the buyer and the seller to make sure that there is a perfect match between the horse and the buyer. I take this responsibility very seriously as I could not live with myself if I sold a horse that would harm his or her owner in any way, but not only for the buyers sake, also for the horses sake. A horse that is not liked and loved is either going to be sold again or maybe even worse be left and not cared for. Therefore I always want buyers that are 110% happy with their horses as I know then, the horse will have a wonderful life. This requires quite a bit of psychological work to find out what kind of person is looking for the horse. I take in information direct from the buyers but I also read between the lines to find a perfect match. As I also have an interest in horse soundness I spent years studying horse conformation and bio-mechanics. Sometimes when we are choosing a horse for a specific job it’s important to know that the horse will be able to endure what we ask of him. Therefore conformation is so important. I am confident in finding the right horse for the right job, and when possible, I will also ride the horses that are for sale on this site, to give an objective description of each horses training level, soundness and movements.

I do this because I love it. It’s that simple and there is nothing that makes me happier than when my clients love their horses too! There is so much happiness in horses!Sofie Real Escuela



Johnny 2013

Johnny is my husband and he is the photographer for Andalusitano. Johnny grew up in Wales on a farm where he had two horses, but in his twenties he moved to Marbella and has lived here the last 30 years. Johnny is an established, published photographer world wide and his specialty is wildlife and model photography.  Johnny has a special feel for animals and especially horses. Sometimes we have problems when we photograph the horses loose as they always want to come and stand by Johnny. They will follow him and let him catch them, when nobody else can.

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