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Welcome to Andalusitano

Andalusitano is an Iberian Horse Agency in the south of Spain. We have been sourcing and selling PRE, Lusitano, Hispano Arab and other Iberian horses since 2009. We are located in Malaga, Andalucia but will source horses all over Spain. 
If you are looking for your dream horse don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the most extensive network of breeders, trainers, vets and sellers in Spain. We have maturity and experience and will get the job done.
When you chose Andalusitano you chose an agency with heart and soul. If you are an amateur, rest assured that we will hold your hand all the way and help chose the right horse for you. If you are a trainer or a high profile client you can trust to go through the process with total confidence. Andalusitano is low key and discretion is important to us.

There is so much love in horses…

We combine the art of dressage with the longing of your inner being!

My horses have been my greatest teachers…

They have taught me to be patient, to be humble, to act fast in certain situations, to be precise, to ask with intention, to read body language, to show body language, to love and to love even the one that is not my best friend. The picture is from when I was studying with a student of Nuno Oliveira.

About Sofie…

Sofie is a classically trained dressage rider with a course certification from the Spanish Riding School in Jerez. She has over 40 years of experience, from growing up with horses to teaching, riding and ultimately exporting these horses all over the world. Andalusitano has clients in Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and Russia…
Sofie has been figured in Spanish TV and in magazines.

On dressage…

I love the connection between horse and human and I love the total harmony when this connection is perfected! As with anything that has to do with art, you never stop learning as there is so much to learn. It doesn’t matter what the dressage is called… It can be anything from Baroque dressage to, classical, to competition dressage or Alta Escuela but one thing is sure, you can always see when there is harmony, and when there is not. That’s what counts! Therefore I don’t like to judge any form of dressage, it’s not the name, clothes or “tag” that makes the rider, it’s the passion for learning and respect for the horse.

The responsibility of choosing the right horse for the right person…

My job involves a great responsibility as I am many times the person that is trusted, both by the buyer and the seller to make sure that there is a perfect match between the horse and the buyer. I take this responsibility very seriously. It requires a bit of psychological work to find out and read between the lines to find a perfect match, both for the horse and for the rider. As I also have an interest in horse soundness I spent years studying horse conformation and bio-mechanics. Sometimes when we are choosing a horse for a specific job it’s important to know that the horse will be able to endure what we ask of him. Therefore conformation is so important. I am confident in finding the right horse for the right job, and when possible, I will also ride the horses that are for sale on this site, to give an objective description of each horses training level, soundness and movements.


Johnny is my husband and he is the photographer for Andalusitano. Johnny grew up in Wales on a farm where he had two horses, but in his twenties he moved to Marbella and has lived here the last 30 years. Johnny is an established, published photographer world wide and his specialty is wildlife and model photography.  Johnny has a special feel for animals and especially horses. Sometimes we have problems when we photograph the horses loose as they always want to come and stand by Johnny. They will follow him and let him catch them, when nobody else can.

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