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Export outside of Europe from Spain.

If you live outside of Europe, your country might demand that the horse that you are importing is free from certain parasites and viruses that exists in Europe but not in your own country. Andalusitano will help you make sure that the horse is ok to travel before you purchase the horse, so you know for sure that the horse can enter your country. The procedure is not complicated and will run smoothly due to that Andalusitano only work with true professional well known vets and shippers.


Blood sampling

Blood sampling

If you are importing to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain or Dubai the horse has to be free from Equine Piroplasmos which is a tick  born disease present in Spain (and many other countries of the world), caused by the intraerytrocytic protozoan parasites Babesia caballi and Theileria equi.

The general term for this disease is “Piro” and the horse can easily be tested by taking a blood sample and sending it to a laboratory for testing. If the horse tests negative the horse can travel. The procedure takes about 4 days and Andalusitano will always send the blood to the official laboratory in Cordoba or to the famous laboratory Böse in Germany for testing and we test with the method ELISA. Most horses that live in Spain has sometime been exposed to the disease and the testing will determine how many antibodies are present in the horses blood to the disease. If the antibodies are low, the test is seen as a negative. If they are high it’s seen as a positive. Sometimes there can be a grey area between the positive and negative… If the horse tests close to the positive allowed percentage we recommend testing the horse again to be on the safe side.
A horse can travel all over Europe without being tested for piroplasmosis.

Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM)


Checking blood in laboratory

Contagious equine metritis (CEM) is a transmissible, exotic, venereal disease of horses caused by the bacterium Taylorella equigenitalis. CEM is commonly transmitted directly during natural sexual intercourse between undetected CEM-positive breeding mares and stallions. This disease is present in all of Europe and many other countries in the world. If you are importing a stallion or mare to countries where this disease is not present the horse has to be tested for this disease before he travels.

Geldings can travel without the CEM test. Pura Raza Española (P.R.E.) Vigin stallions (stallions that have never covered) can together with a certificate from the ANCCE (The parent P.R.E association of the world) that the horse has not had any offspring, and another certificate from the horses local vet, travel by doing a CEM test in the quarantine in Spain before departure.

Other tests.

The following tests are also sometimes performed depending on country of import even if the diseases are not common in Spain: Dourine, Glanders, EIA.

How it works with the quarantine and transportation

Horses loaded into airplane

Horses loaded into airplane

When your horse has been tested for the diseases that your country demands and he has been vetted and you have purchased the horse. Andalusitano will give the responsibility over to our international shipper. They will pick up the horse and take it to their quarantine facilities in Madrid. When the horse arrives in the quarantine, our transporter will apply for the export documentation of the horse from the Spanish ministry of agriculture and their official vet will come out and test the horse again for the diseases that he was already tested for. At the same time they will book the flight departure for the horse and take care of all necessary arrangements and paperwork of sending the horse to your country.


Horses arriving to quarantine

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