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Find Pura Raza Española and Lusitano horses for sale in Spain. I help you find the perfect Spanish horse and offer a safe and trusted service all over the world. On the website you will find a selection of Andalusian horses horses, and other Iberian horses for sale both for hobby, dressage and breeding purposes.

The selection of horses on this website are chosen by Sofie according to the following criteria:


The Iberian horse has always been famous for having a character fitted for family use and normally horses with a difficult character are not used in breeding. However we always look at each horse and his character thoroughly before allowing the horse to be sold by Andalusitano.


The conformation is what makes the horse physically be able to do the work we set out for him. Whether it be for dressage, driving, jumping or any other discipline the horse has to have a functional conformation.


In general the Spanish horse has two different categories of movement. The first is the movements for competition dressage. Horses that are open in the shoulder with good reach and no dishing, but still have a nice hock action. The second is more of a baroque type of movement with a high knee action, not always so open in the shoulder and good hock action too. The movement is a question of taste and your purpose of the horse. None is better than the other.


This is the combining force of the criteria above. The breeding has a great impact on the horses character, conformation and movement and we can help you look at the bloodlines of the horses to see what lines lies behind to get a little bit more information about him or her.

The service

The task involves in finding suitable Andalusian Pura Raza Española (P.R.E.), Lusitano or Iberian (crosses or unregistered Spanish horses) to clients outside of Spain who would love to own one of these wonderful equines.

We have horses for sale that we have chosen for the website.

These horses are chosen and most importantly seen in real life and also tested by Sofie according to above criteria. (There are many agencies that sell horses from Spain that are not located here and have never seen the actual horses in real life. This is important for you to know as the buyer)

We search for horses for clients.

If a you cannot find what you are looking for on the website we do a customised search to try to find you an exact match! We are in contact with all major breeders in the south of Spain. Sofie will then physically go there and see and test the horses for you.

Training of horses.

We can offer a long range of training facilities for your horse after purchase. Anything from the best; competition dressage riders, classical dressage, Alta Escuela,  driving or trick training. All our trainers are highly professional and use mild methods in their training.

Equine related properties.

If you are looking for a property suitable for horses, big or small. Contact us! We may have just the right one.

    If you come here: We pick you up at the airport, arrange your hotel, take you around to see the horses, and take you back to the hotel again at the night time. Normally people come for 2-3 days which are filled with looking at horses, taking in some of the beautiful scenery of Andalucia, lovely lunches, and lot’s of fun! If you are not sure you are going to buy a horse and just want to come out and look we do charge a little for our service as we are out all day long, but if you end up buying a horse via Andalusitano in the end, the fee is deducted from the purchase price of the horse. If you are coming as an exclusive client of Andalusitano and have many horses in mind to see with us, we will not charge for out services as we are confident you will find your dream horse with us.
    If you don’t come: We sell probably 60% of our horses to clients who never have been down here to see the horse. Our reputation and trustworthiness is very good and we work to keep it that way! If you don’t come here to see the horse, and have a specific horse in mind that you are looking to buy, we will take care of all the arrangements. Sofie will then step into your shoes as the buyer and look critically at the horse as if she were you. Therefore it’s extra important that you as the buyer tell us all about yourself, what you are going to use the horse for, your experience and your guts. Sofie will try the horse (during normal circumstances) for you in different situations and video it, to make sure the horse works for you.

Our clients tend to be professional horse people firstly and then ordinary people who love the Iberian horse. We love helping the professionals as we really enjoy the in-depth discussions about horses we have during their stay the ability to talk about ideas and training methods etc. But we also love the trust and responsibility in helping a less experienced buyer finding his or her dream horse. We have had great success in finding the right horse for the right owner for years now and owe our life to the horse. 

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