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 How to buy a horse from Spain

Buying a Spanish horseIf you are a bit concerned about how to buy a horse from Spain, this is how Andalusitano help you with the process.

We take care of everything. All you have to do is decide which horse you want and when you want him. We deliver horses world wide.

This is the normal procedure:

  1. Blood Sampling and Vetting:When you have decided to buy a horse. We suggest/arrange for you to have the horse completely vetted by a ministry of agriculture assigned veterinarian or a specialist on horses. If you are exporting the horse outside of Europe we will first take the necessary blood tests to see if the horse can go further in the process, then we will vet him or her.
    If you are buying from Europe we go straight to the vetting.  If the horse is expensive, or if there are any doubts about his soundness in the extremities we insist on having the horse x-rayed and have the x-ray pictures looked at by your own trusted veterinarian. All the vetting arrangements are taken care of by Andalusitano. You will get a protocol that is a European standard questionnaire that the vet will fill in and put comments on. The comments may be written in Spanish, English or German. If you chose to have the horse x-rayed  you will also get the x-ray images sent to you or your vet.

    * Vetting costs:
    Basic vetting (clinical examination, flexion test and heart&lung test): 250€
    X-rays: 30€ per image. 

    Read more about the vetting procedure here..

  2. Contract and Paperwork: When the horse is cleared from being vetted we write a purchase contract which always states the data of seller, buyer, horse, fee, date of purchase and then there are additional clauses depending on each case.Horse being vetted


Transportation: When the horse is vetted and cleared we arrange for the transport to your country.

Air transport of horses

Horse transport on the road
We use 4 or 5 transport companies that we fully trust.
* Estimated transportation costs:
France: 600€
Mid Germany: 800€
South England 800€
Sweden (south)/Denmark 1250€
Sweden Stockholm: 1500€
Finland/Helsinki area 1800€

For USA/UAE/Australia/Indonesia/SA/Mexico please ask for quote.

All the transport companies we use take pride in delivering the horses healthy and sound. You are able to contact your transporter during the trip to see how your horse is doing. The horses always rest in transit stables during the night time and have free access to hay and water during  their journey.

Usually you pay the horse when he leaves the old owners yard and all paperwork is transferred into your name.

The transport you pay, when the horse leaves the yard or during the time in transit.

The most important thing that you have to do, is make sure the horse is insured from the day you buy him – and that that insurance covers the transport to your country.

Remember the vetting and transport costs are added onto the price of the horse, so have that in mind when you look at horses.

*Please note that the vetting costs can change depending on market and demand.

*Please note that the transportation costs may vary depending on time and location.


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