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Horses travel within Europe with only a passport, health certificate and route plan.

If you are living in Europe and want to buy a horse in Spain, the procedure is straight forward. After you have bought the horse Andalusitano will give over the horse to the transporter of your choice. With most transporters you will be in direct contact with your driver during the whole transfer and can follow your horse from the moment he leaves Spain until he arrives in your location.¬† Andalusitano will help you to apply for the necessary paperwork with the Spanish ministry of agriculture. One day before departure the ministry of agriculture’s vet will come out and see the horse to read his microchip and to make sure there is no disease present with the horse or his local stable. The vet will then issue the necessary paperwork for the horse to travel. The paperwork is valid for 10 days and the horse can be picked up anytime within those ten days.

The horse will then travel during the daytime and stop at transit stables along the road at night time. All stables are monitored for disease and the horses are checked when they are being loaded off the truck to make sure they are in good condition. They have free access to hay during the whole trip and they are regularly given water during the time they stand on the truck. The lorries used are all modern with air suspension and air conditioning.

Examples of transporters:

Marcel Jordan on the road

Marcel Jordan on the road

Marcel Jordan

With over 18 years of experience, Marcel Jordan Horse Transport has developed a unique approach in transportation. The company not only transport horses quickly and safe, but also takes their comfort and welfare into consideration. Their goal is to transport your horse from stable to stable in the most ideal manner. For more information you can contact us via: +31 (0)6 27 838 135
Marcel Jordan will safely take your horse to France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland.

Inside the Marcel Jordan truck

Inside the Marcel Jordan truck

Here are some of the features of his horse trucks:

  • Soft floor for minimal impact on the animal’s legs during transport.
  • Insulated floor to reduce the volume of wheel noise.
  • Access to every horse from the outside.
  • Integrated camera monitoring system.
  • Temperature monitoring in the horse section.
  • Adequate light and air.
  • Cushions against partitions.
  • Sufficient space between horses.
  • Solid and wide ramps.
  • Special boxes for horses.

Coming round the corner

Coming round the corner

John Parker International

John Parker International  provide first class horse transportation services to anywhere in the world. Using the latest vehicles and most modern equipment on board, they ensure that your horse arrives at its destination calm and in good health. John Parker cater for all horses, whether a Shetland pony or a priceless jumping stallion.

John Parker International Horse Transport was established in 1977 and has over 30 years experience in transporting horses across Europe and worldwide. The company is based in Little Owl Barn, Hythe and has its own DEFRA approved stables and modern fleet of highly specialised horseboxes. John Parker will take your horse to: France, UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland and many other countries.

For all enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact on + 44(0)1303 266621

Experience in cold weather

Experience in cold weather

Features with John Parker..

  • Expert loading
  • Adjustable stalls and partitions
  • Non-slip floor
  • Low height loading ramp
  • Constant monitoring throughout the journey using on-board cctv
  • Experienced and courteous drivers
  • Water and feed available throughout the journey

LOC international Horse Transport

LOC have a “mantra” – horse welfare. Their number one priority is the welfare of the horses they are transporting, they cut no corners in this, and they will do their utmost to make sure your horses are transported in the best possible conditions under the least amount of stress.

All their grooms and drivers are experienced horse people, as well as the DEFRA certificate of competence, each member of their team also holds the Advanced Certificate in Equine Transport. They know how to ensure that your horse has a comfortable and safe journey.

Picking up

Inside the truck


Picking up!

Their lorries are equipped with:

  • Satellite navigation
  • Satellite tracking
  • fan assisted ventilation
  • Padded partitions for your horses safety
  • Padded back wall to reduce your horse rubbing his tail.
  • Infra red lights for travelling in the night
  • Temperature recording system
  • Grooms and drivers accommodation
  • Air con
  • Air suspension for low level ramp for loading
  • 4 x internal CCTV cameras
  • Reversing camera
  • Side ramp
  • Water supply
  • Masses of head room and Height eliminating any sense of claustrophobia that your horse may have
  • Large locker space in the belly of the lorry allow us to travel your horses kit too
  • Fist aid kits
  • Directories of overnight stabling points in the UK and across Europe to stable and rest your horse
  • It is equipped with the necessary chaining points for securing on to ferries.

What if your transporter is not amongst the Andalusitano ones?

Don’t worry there is no obligation to use any of these transporters for your horse. You are free to chose whom ever you want to transport your horse.

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