Young PRE Stallion For Sale

  • NAME: Figaro
  • PRICE: Low
  • GENDER: Stallion
  • BREEDING: Escalera
  • CHARACTER: Forward and willing
  • YEAR BORN: 2011
  • HEIGHT: 158 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Allround
  • COLOUR: Bay

Young PRE stallion great movements.

Young PRE stallion great movements and fabulously well moving for dressage. This horse has recently been taken in from living out in the herd and he can now be caught in a head collar and tied up. He will let you approach him without problems. He is green but ready to make his future as someones loved horse. Figaro is perfect for anyone who is looking to do it all from the start. He has a levelheaded character that accepts the human handling just like the Pura Raza Española horse should have.

He moves very well with a lot of cadence in the paces. As he has been living outdoors up until now he is strong and healthy. The horses growing up this way are normally better in the character as they are used to a heard environment. Don’t miss out if you want a horse that you can keep for a long time.

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