Xerxes ELITE PRE For Top Riders

  • NAME: Xerxes
  • PRICE: Exclusive
  • GENDER: Stallion
  • BREEDING: Escalera
  • CHARACTER: Sweet
  • YEAR BORN: 2012
  • HEIGHT: 170 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Dressage
  • COLOUR: Bay

This is an elite colt, with elite breeding with elite movement and elite character. Xerxes is true Pura Raza Española nobility and it shows. I don’t think I know any other horse with the same type of breeding and suitability for Olympic dressage. This horse is so great and his character is so thoughtful and genuinely nice. He is a Rolls Royce to ride. He is forward, forward, forward and very light to the leg. It’s a horse that doesn’t need any help. You just lengthen and shorten him for what ever you want to achieve. He spontaneously falls into passage when you collect him and he changes the canter when you change your balance. He is recently backed and only a baby so of course he needs more work and filling out but my, what a horse! It’s a horse which will get the status Joven Reproductor Recomendado without even moving from his box.

His grandfather on both sides is the only legendary world ranking elite PRE dressage breeding stallion ever existed in Spain. Please contact me for more information.

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