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Equestrian personality types: The Traditionalist

The Traditionalist – Thanks to you we keep our culture! Your job is important!

You like the old times. How it used to be when the world was a slower place and and every man woman and horse had its use. Men worked or went to war, women were cooking and taking care of the children. The horse was used as a tool for your survival. You needed the horse to herd your cattle, to drive you and your family to town, to ride to war.

You wish you lived in those times, or at least you want to make sure that the traditions that have built most societies from those times are not forgotten. Therefore you take part of traditional activities dressed in traditional clothing. It’s a religious experience for you and the people like you. If you were born into a traditional horse culture you probably just follow in the footsteps of your ancestors. You have a great imagination. If you have fallen in love with a type of horse culture it’s very important for you to really be part of and get accepted by the people of this culture. You might love the way they dress so much that you want to show the world their beautiful clothes or craftsmanship. You wear the traditional clothes in many of your everyday activities. Who said a cowboy hat looks odd in the centre of the business district, or a hunting jacket when you go out for drinks?

Part of your horse culture still uses traditional methods in the horse training. It’s the way it’s always been. The people from before were more skilled in horse riding as it was a matter of survival for them to be together with a horse. They used those methods and they worked for them, and they still work for you.

You have created your own brand which if you had a breeding farm you would brand your horses with. Until then you just brand all your leather wear with it. You are a person with a high need of social interaction and love the gatherings and festivities of your horse culture!

Pitfalls: Accept more modern forms of training of the horse. Many methods used in the old days are overly cruel. Don’t look down on people who are not dressed the right way to go to one of your events.

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