Equestrian Personalities: The Artist

The artist – a forever romantic, philosopher and dreamer! 

You love horses and you love art. You have now realised there is a much more in-depth experience to have with your horse. A deeper connection, not available without really tapping into what it is that makes the soul of the horse tick. You are a special kind of person, connected with yourself and your deeper feelings.

You believe that through the right communication you and your horse can perform the most beautiful art. You have all the time in the world to make it happen, and if it doesn’t that’s fine too. What you enjoy is the connection. You would perhaps be into classical baroque style riding or free riding without reins, or trick training. Anything that creates a deeper more active communication. For you the most important thing is not that the horse works with his power, it’s that he works with his mind.

You have seen and admired some in your eyes amazing riders almost with “Guru” status, who have given you inspiration to start looking into the whole theoretical understanding of the riding and training the horse. You have numerous books in your book shelf about ancient arts of riding, trick training, and horse behaviour. You deeply study and apply different techniques you have read in them knowing that they will make you a more able rider and trainer. This is especially important also out of a safety aspect, as you believe that with more knowledge less mistakes will happen and so you will be safer with your horse.

You frequent alternative riding forums on the internet where you exchange ideas or discuss. You don’t mind working your horse from the ground. You believe this will strengthen the bond and respect between you. The absolute highest level of your training can be reached when you have total mind control over your horse. No physical force is needed to achieve total lightness. You and your horse is as one, no need to sweat, the horse does the work for you. You love to dress up in fancy dress and take pictures of you and your horse. You love performing in front of people showing up your art.
Pitfalls: Be aware of not losing common sense. Sometimes the results you are looking for.. What you have seen your gurus perform in total lightness, have come from hard sweat and consequent training. Don’t let the end result fool you. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Below is a selection of horses that Andalusitano feel might suit your personality!

MAMBO *Bombproof* PRE stallion with High School training

Mambo is the perfect name for this absolutely adorable stallion. He will dance with you til the morning light! Mambo ...
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ISLERO * Bombproof* Lusitano stallion!

This is an opportunity to get an absolute bombproof baroque and high schooled stallion in Isabel colour! Islero has been ...
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Gatuno III, great PRE stallion with medium schooling, born 2008

Gatuno III, great PRE stallion with medium schooling, born 2008 This is Gatuno, a stunning looking PRE stallion with a ...
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Andre, super big PRE stallion, 175cm, born 2013

Andre, super big PRE stallion, 175cm, born 2013 This is Andre. He stands at 175cm but is a real gentle ...
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Rajah HA. Perfect for working equitation!

Rajah, lovely chestnut Hispano/Arab stallion, born 2014 This horse is one special little elastic rubber ball. He is so strong ...
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Malibu del Chacha, beautiful Hispano Arab mare born 2015

Malibu del Chacha, beautiful Hispano Arab mare born 2015 Malibu is a stunning Hispano Arab Mare born in 2015 and ...
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