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Equestrian personalities: The Animal Rights Person

The animal rights person – Compassionate and loving –  You are a hero for many.

Maybe you didn’t grow up in the country, maybe you did, but you love your country dwelling. You are a very compassionate and loving person and sometimes you get overwhelmed with all cruelty in this world. You feel everything very strongly and the suffering of others affects you deeply in your soul. Injustice is your biggest enemy and you are not afraid to stand up for those who can’t defend themselves. If it’s for a good cause violence is accepted. You are their knight in shiny armour who will revenge anyone who has harmed an innocent creature.

You love all animals.. Any animal in need will have a free haven with you. Your kitchen sink probably is filled with dog and cat bowls being washed up due to all the strays you have taken in… The strays that are now covering all your soft furniture and you sit on a kitchen chair to watch TV.

You have a high need to feel useful. It’s important to you to make a difference in the world. As a horsey person you have a minimum of 3 horses. If you are lucky one of them is rideable. But it’s not really the riding that is important to you. For you it’s important that those horses have a good life. And who can blame you. You are doing a good thing.

You can answer “Yes” to the question: Have you ever bought a horse because you felt sorry for it? And that’s probably what happened with horse number 2-3-4-5… You have so many animal friends around that you don’t need any human company, apart from on the internet. Your real friends are the animals and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!
Pitfalls: Don’t take on more animals than your economy can handle or your animals will suffer with you. Be aware of the difference between animal and human. Don’t think that animals are happier in a human environment. Make sure you don’t rescue animals that don’t need rescuing and try to create a bigger understanding for other people and how they keep their animals.

These are a list of horses that might suit your character.. They are not there because they need rescuing! They are there because they have a good heart just like you..

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  • Maria
    July 28, 2016

    Hi Sofie! This is a very funny extra on your page, people will love it. Bohemio is doing well with his “The animal rights person”…. 😉


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