Valen Castor, beautiful PRE Gelding born 2009, Piro free!!07:06

  • NAME: Valen Castor
  • PRICE: Medium
  • GENDER: Gelding
  • BREEDING: Valenzuela
  • YEAR BORN: 2009
  • HEIGHT: 166CM
  • DISCIPLINE: Dressage
  • COLOUR: grey

Valen Castor, beautiful PRE Gelding born 2009, Piro free!!


Beautiful boy from a super breeder!

He measures at 166cm and is 10 years old. He rides in a snaffle or double bridle.

He competed a fair bit as a younger horse with good results. He is a very well behaved horse, very serious in his work and to handle. He is very obedient and not naughty or at all sharp.

He is quiet to ride, moves off the leg nicely but is not a hot or scared horse. He has half passes, shoulder in, travers, piaffe steps and extended trot. He has a great walk also.

He is a good moving horse with a lot more to come with the correct training.

He is also piro free.

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