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Can I return a horse bought through Andalusitano if it has a problem?

No. The general rule is that none of the horses bought and exported from Spain through Andalusitano can be returned even if it later shows that the horse is unwell physically or psychologically. This is why we make sure to tell you everything we know about the horse before purchase and give you the option to have the horse thoroughly vetted. Read more about the vetting here. Also make sure that the horse you purchase is insured from the day of purchase. Horses are living creatures and anything can happen during their life and its the buyers responsibility to make sure that the horse has been checked before purchase. Any hidden faults that have not been found in a vet check or otherwise up until the day of the purchase are not a reason for returning the horse. The only reason for returning the horse is if the horse is another breed or individual than the one stated on the contract.

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