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Elizabeth Pettersson – Sweden

Andalusitano is the best and most trustworthy agency in Spain to help anyone to find their dream Spanish Horse. Mine is called TH Barquillo “ Killen “ and he is simply the most amazing, most beautiful horse in the world. No he wasn’t “ expensive “ or a horse bought for competition. I was an amateur rider looking for a best friend to do dressage, jumping and eventing with. After Ann- Sofie helped me with getting him broken and trained professionally in Granada and finally transported to Sweden he turned out to be the best horse ever.
Killen loves his life in Sweden and had just finished his first year in competitions with my co rider and has won several ribbons in dressage including a first price..
Andalusitano found me my dream horse and worked hard for me to find him despite my not so high budget. And once we found him Ann- Sofie kept looking after all the contacts with the training ets in Granada and the transport to Sweden.
Simply outstanding service and much recommended
Elisabeth Pettersson

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