Безопасный PRE жеребец с обучением в школе

  • ИМЯ: Фараон
  • Стоимость: Средний
  • Пол: Жеребец
  • Размножение: Yeguada Военный
  • ХАРАКТЕР: легко и безопасно
  • ГОД РОЖДЕНИЯ: 2004
  • Рост: 165 см
  • ДИСЦИПЛИНА: Семейный Лошадь
  • ЦВЕТ: Бей

Faraon is a gorgeous dark bay almost black. He shines like no other and shows himself off in front of everyone around. This horse is well ridden in a snaffle bit with basic schooling and a little bit of shoulder in and halfpass. He is also hacked out a lot by his owner. He is used to all traffic and he has been to several ferias. He is easy to tie up and groom, load on a trailer, do the hooves and every other aspect of day to day activity in the stable. He is around 165 cm tall and suitable for both male and female riders.

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