Quilloso a PRE with a heart of a saint14:51

  • NAMN: Quilloso
  • KÖN: Hingst
  • Odla: Diosdado
  • KARAKTÄR: Lätt
  • Född: 2010
  • HÖJD: 165 cm
  • DISCIPLIN: Dressyr
  • FÄRG: Grå


  • Perfekt för klassisk dressyr
  • Mycket trevligt temperament

The first time I met Quilloso was when I was visiting his stable with a client to see another horse in 2015. He was then the youngest horse in the stable but he was  also the one that grabbed your attention. He was playing with his water bowl splashing his water all over his box neighbour. I don’t know if he had some sort of agreement with his buddy where by he was helping him to cool down in the 42 Celsius degree heat or something but he was really showing off. He splashed a big wave of water and then looked up to us as if to show how useful he was! The minute someone approached his door he would be there ready to do something. Just a wonderful playful character.

Detta är den typ av häst som har ett hjärta för er båda. Han kommer att arbeta för att tillfredsställa er tills han faller på knä. Han ständigt vill bevisa sig själv bättre. Kanske beror det på att hans avel har gjort det lätt för honom att bära ryttare och därför är det inte hårt arbete för honom att göra skolgång. Eller kanske är det hans uppfödning som kommer från hästar med stora hjärtan och nästan gudomlig status som gör honom till en sann gentleman som kommer att försöka hans hårdast. Aldrig mindre han är en Pura Raza Española i högsta grad och avel.

Back then he was young and playful and had basic training. Now he can do canter pirouettes, passage, beginning of piaffe, flying changes and extended trot and has stopped splashing with the water. He has also proven to be the most gentle horse for the owners’ grand-children to ride. He truly grew into the horse I thought he would when I first met him. He has been lowered substantially in price (He is a valuable horse) due to that the owner is nearing 80 years old and his family wants him to stop riding due to his age. Quilloso is the owners favourite horse, but his family fears for something happening to him especially as he also still sits on the 3-year-olds!! They have put their foot down and said, enough is enough and all the riding horses are being sold. He still has his breeding business and driving horses. They think that is enough!

The featured video is an up to date video of Quilloso.

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