Purebred Spanish Bayo Stallion FEI PSG/GP

  • NAME: Mochino
  • PRICE: Exclusive
  • GENDER: Stallion
  • BREEDING: Conde
  • YEAR BORN: 2010
  • HEIGHT: 160 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Dressage
  • COLOUR: Bayo

Now this is a combination you don’t often come across in the PRE dressage world.. A PRE which is purebred of the bayo colour.. The bayos that are pure are often very expensive just for the colour, but to find one that has the colour, is pure, moves well AND is schooled up to almost Grand Prix, is almost unheard of!

Mocchino has been bred. He is an approved stud. He has also been competed up to PSG level. It’s a horse which is super easy to ride and do the dressage with. Most people can make him do piaffe, passage, Spanish walk and changes.. I say most people but what i mean is the people who has some sort of clue of how to make him do it. He doesn’t require a Grand Prix rider to make him look like he is going Grand Prix!
It’s a horse to shine on!! A schoolmaster that probably fits under the category bombproof!

Even though he is a stallion who has covered, he doesn’t have any stallion character. He is very docile and sweet to handle and ride.

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