Lorca (Carbonero XLII)

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Carole Baker


January 2011

Lorca1-EE-Conference Lorca-Spain

I visited Spain two years ago with little knowledge about PREs, but, like many, with a dream to own ‘the perfect horse’. Sofie was incredibly kind and knowledgable and took my dream seriously – on the very last day of my visit she introduced me to Carbonero, a handsome, very green boy, with a great conformation, a placid nature and the sweetest expression. Sofie felt that we would be the perfect match, and it has turned out to be so true. Determined to do the very best for him I sought out people knowledgable with Spanish horses; I found him a livery place at Classical Trainer, Heather Moffett’s yard in the UK where a friend has taught him to medium level dressage; his growing confidence in his own abilities has been a joy to watch. His canter is especially impressive and his lateral work is really developing. Heather has called him a Schoolmaster! At his very first show, BAPSH (the UK breed association show), he came second in his class and in July he won the Iberian class at a local show. This summer we hacked out solo in the Devon lanes – he’s a brave companion and is interested in everything, a joy to be with. Now I’m having lessons with Heather in Classical Dressage and the feeling of riding him in the school is incredible. We also do loose work and two weeks ago had a lesson from Farah Dejohnette, an International trainer. Lorca was magnificent. I love him so much, and I’m not the only one – he has a growing fan club and people regularly offer to take him home! I have no regrets about my decision to fly to Spain two years ago – I’ve found my best friend and we’re thriving 🙂 Thank you so much Sofie!