Peletero XII Stunning Baroque PRE Stallion02:02

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  • NAME: Peletero XII
  • GENDER: Stallion
  • BREEDING: Miura
  • CHARACTER: Forward
  • YEAR BORN: 2014
  • HEIGHT: 164 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Baroque dressage
  • COLOUR: Chestnut

Peletero XII Stunning Baroque PRE Stallion with a lot of knee action and forwardness.
This horse would look great doing baroque riding shows or as a photo model! He loves to show off and wants everyone know that he needs all the attention in the stable. He might lend himself to learning a lot of tricks also as he is very curious and loves his treats!
Peletero has basic schooling and is doing a bit of shoulder in and halfpass also.
It’s a horse that is unafraid and forward going. He is not a beginners horse but perfect for someone with a little bit of experience and if you love the classical baroque style dressage you can make him become a master at it, as he has the ability to collect and canter on the spot. He wil develop a great piaffe and passage when more trained due to his conformation.

He is obedient and has good manners in and around the stable.

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