Orgulloso CLXIII, lovely PRE stallion born 201405:21

  • NAME: Orgulloso CLXIII
  • PRICE: Medium
  • GENDER: Stallion
  • BREEDING: Marin Garcia
  • YEAR BORN: 2014
  • HEIGHT: 162 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Alta Escuela
  • COLOUR: Grey

Orgulloso CLXIII, lovely PRE stallion born 2014

This is a lovely young talented PRE which has a fair bit of schooling played out of him. He has allowed his rider to teach him the “tricks” of flying changes, piaffe, some passage etc. It has been done in the most playful way and in short sessions and a lot of the time without a rider on his back. Now Orgulloso is ready for someone to put it all together. He is a lovely soul. Very nice and quiet.

I believe even an “older lady” could take on now and work him on strengthening the back and working through his body. He is at the perfect level for someone to be able to continue with him safely. I am speaking from a mature womans perspective, who doesn’t want to take on that first bit of schooling a young horse. I want to take over when they are more or less like this.


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