Nadador an interesting dressage prospect!

  • NAME: Nadador
  • PRICE: Medium
  • GENDER: Stallion
  • BREEDING: Guardiola
  • YEAR BORN: 2013
  • HEIGHT: 168 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Dressage
  • COLOUR: Bay

Nadador is a very interesting dressage prospect PRE stallion! He moves big with a big, walk, trot and canter and he has a very lovely temperament. It’s  a horse that has been carefully bred and started by professionals. All his life he has lived in the same place. First he grew up with his mother on the big green fields behind the arena and then he was divided into a group of young boys and continued to grow in the big fields. So he has been able to grow up in the “wild” in a herd environment which has made him very calm and lovely in the temperament.

Now he has been backed and is slowly learning the basics of dressage. It’s a horse that has all the ability in the world to develop into a lovely dressage horse.

In the stable he is kind and respectful.

His bloodlines are dominated by some of the most well known horses from Guardiola, at least 3 horses from the fathers line carry the prestigious Reproductor recommendado or Reproducor mejorante.. which means that this horse has a high possibility of getting good morphological scores and perhaps also nominations. It’s a horse both for breeding and dressage.

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