Lorenzo, nice PRE stallion with medium/advanced schooling and **PIRO FREE**14:33

  • NAME: Lorenzo
  • PRICE: Low/Medium
  • Пол: Жеребец
  • Размножение: Эскалера
  • ХАРАКТЕР: Легко
  • ГОД РОЖДЕНИЯ: 2006
  • Рост: 164 см
  • Дисциплина: Выездка
  • ЦВЕТ: Бей

Lorenzo, nice PRE stallion with medium/advanced schooling. 

This is Lorenzo, he is a stallion who has been schooled by a professional rider and competed by his owner. He has a lovely calm temperament when in the stable and around the yard and still he has some energy and forward thinking when you ride him. He is sensitive and fun to ride for someone who has a little bit of experience. He does all the laterals, a flying change, pirouettes and a bit of piaffe and spanish walk.
He has a “full” mane and tail and looks stunning for doing shows in hand also. This horse has the antique look of the Spanish horse, like the ones you see in paintings with the special colouring around his eyes and nose which looks very special! 


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