Homero, PSL born 2012 with basic schooling and nice movement.03:02

  • NAME: Homero
  • 가격 : 중간
  • 성별 : 종마
  • 번식 : Lusitano
  • 캐릭터 : 쉬운
  • 연도 태어난 2012
  • 높이 : 163cm
  • 징계 : 마장 마술
  • 색상 : 회색

This is Homero, he is a pure Lusitano with nice movement for dressage. He has been schooled in walk, trot and canter and he has been hacked out in the country side. He comes from a lineage of Lusitanos which make both good dressage horses and hobby horses. This horse has been used mainly as a hobby horse but I think the movment is good enough for dressage also.

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