Destinado a nice baroque PRE stallion

  • NAME: Destinado
  • GENDER: Stallion
  • BREEDING: Lovera
  • YEAR BORN: 2008
  • HEIGHT: 162 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Allround
  • COLOUR: Bay

Destinado a nice baroque PRE stallion with a nice conformation and rideability!

Destinado is a horse who has a very nice baroque rounded conformation and would be suitable for collected work in the riding. He is a great horse to do jousting with or the more collected work of classical dressage. Perhaps he would be suited for Working Equitation also. Destinado is a horse who has basic schooling in walk trot and canter, due to that his previous owner only used him to ride sporadically. He is calm and levelheaded and obedient to ride and would thrive in a home with some experience where they could make him into something marvelous. He is very compact and he would benefit from working on flexing the sides and allowing him to move forward. He has three good clean paces.. (The arena in the video is very hard and full of small stones)

I had him loose in the roundpen with me. He wanted so much to join up with me when I was driving him forward! I couldn’t bare it and stopped and he came straight to me licking his lips and started following me around. Such a lovely character! He will never try to run in-front of you when you lead him. He is quite happy behind you in his spot. It’s lovely to work with a horse like that because half of the job is already done when they want to be with you..

He is used to being tied up next to other stallions and geldings and he is not a dominant stallion.
If someone puts a minimum amout of time on him he will become such a nice friend!

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