Baroque PRE Stallion For Sale

  • NAME: Lancero LIV
  • PRICE: Medium
  • GENDER: Stallion
  • BREEDING: Cerrado del Bocado
  • CHARACTER: Easy and Safe
  • YEAR BORN: 2006
  • HEIGHT: 166 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Dressage and Hacking
  • COLOUR: Grey

Baroque Pura Raza Española horse with no match!

Here’s a treat for all you Baroque Pura Raza Española horse lovers! This is your dream horse! Not because he is the most powerful and Rubenesque horse I could ever have found, not because he is light as a feather to ride (with that muscular body of his, it’s incredibly refreshing how light he is to ride), it’s not because he has long flowing mane… No.. It’s because of his gentle and wise character. My god what a horse. He steps inside of you and lingers, you remember him, he takes a piece of your heart and stays there even if you have only met him for a few moments.

Lancero is a PRE approved for breeding. He has basic schooling with shoulder in, halfpass and some beginning of collection. He has just been started off on doing the collected trot (suspension trot necessary for competition) and he can do it. He is like a big massive tank with lots of energy and lightness. He comes from dressage horse lineage. He is large and powerful.

UPDATE: Lancero has now competed twice and won his second competition!!

In the stable he is the one that rests his nose in your neck and gently breaths his soul into you. He is totally uncomplicated to handle and he is used to being hacked out alone and in company.

This horse is suitable for anyone. Anyone from a young child to an older lady, to someone who wants to compete (he can do it, mark my word) and someone who wants to do shows or baroque exhibitions.

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