A classical gentleman PRE

  • NAME: Eci
  • PRICE: Exclusive
  • GENDER: Stallion
  • BREEDING: Pallares
  • YEAR BORN: 2004
  • HEIGHT: 160 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Classical Dressage
  • COLOUR: Grey

  • A classical PRE
  • Gentleman attitude
  • Super schooled

A classical gentleman PRE with a lot of schooling!

When you walk into the stable Eci is the first one on the left and you can really see how much intelligence he radiates. He is the most schooled horse in the stable and he knows it. He knows that when they do the shows he is the star and quite rightly so! He has spent years of training to get to where he is today and he wants people to know when they see him. Yes he has his flaws, like a slightly floppy neck but he has tons of charm to make up for it.

This horse is a horse for someone who cherish the classical style of riding. Someone who is mature enough to overlook his slightly floppy neck and enjoy him for the great schoolmaster he really is.  He does extended trot, flying changes, piaffe, passage, pirouettes, pirouettes with his leg up, Spanish walk and halfpass. He is a horse to do zen style riding with, to melt with and feel the connection with. This horse is not for competition dressage, this horse is for the art of riding.

He is levelheaded and easy to handle and is used to shows, traveling and traffic. It’s a safe schooled horse for any rider.

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