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Equestrian personality types: The Thrill Seeker

The Thrill Seeker – An adventurer and athlete in combination with a good sense of humor and a love for life!

You are a happy outgoing person who loves the speed and thrill of the game. You are most likely a team player who enjoys the company of the other people in the yard as much as you like the horses.

You don’t mind pushing yourself to the limit, getting up early in the morning and pushing through until late at night. Your horse is just like you! Forward going, unafraid and up for the challenge.

What you wear when you ride is of lesser importance.. Sure you have all the kit but if you forgot your boots at home, it’s not going to stop you from putting your brand new Adidas in the stirrup!

You don’t look at details and you normally don’t read books. What you have learned comes from experience and trial and error situations. You like the horse power that provides the wind in your hair as you charge forward! You are a highly competitive person! You and your horse will take on the bet, regardless what the competition looks like. Bring it on!!

Pitfalls: You become too dare-devilish and can harm yourself or your horse.. You drink too much at parties and compete the next day hung over or even drunk and might get disqualified if anyone finds out. High costs on veterinarians, trucks and hotels..

Check the below horses out, to see if they suit your personality!

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