Equestrian Personality type: The PerfectionistThe Perfectionist – You are organised, thorough and a good teacher!

As you mature you realise your mortality. Even if you were carefree as a child, as an adult you have reached another chapter in your life. You want to continue with your riding but need to have a slightly calmer sport to focus on. You probably have chosen dressage…

You take your interest very seriously and work hard together with your horse. You are not afraid of breaking a sweat. You are competitive and a perfectionist, but it’s not only the riding that makes you a perfectionist. It’s making sure that your horse gets the golden treatment every day. Specialist foods, leg wraps on, leg wraps off, rugs on, rugs off, every day. When entering your tack room it smells gorgeous of a mix between leather soap and fabric softener. It’s a joy to ride in your arena, as it’s 100% smooth with the best footing and no poop anywhere in sight.

You always look very tidy and classy. What you wear in the barn, most people wear when going to the office, apart from the breeches and boots of course. You take pride in your theoretical knowledge and many times you are a very good teacher as you don’t let any wrongs slip between your fingers. You prefer a big moving horse with a lot of power as you know this is what will give you points in the ring, however you are very set on not putting yourself or your horse in any harm and therefore try to do everything under very controlled circumstances.

Your horse is most likely a bit of an upper-class gentleman or lady  and you are a bit of a worrier, always making sure to be safe than sorry.. You frequent your vets clinic or call him or her minimum once a week, in your worry and thirst for knowledge.
Pitfalls: You might take things too seriously and often get disappointed if thing doesn’t go as you planned, or if your horse doesn’t perform as expected. You might take in information from the wrong people and centre yourself onto ‘one’ technique which might not be the best for your horse. Your horse might be spoiled and may act up at the wrong occasions.

Maybe you will find your perfect horse below:


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