Really sweet PRE cross Gelding from 201004:22

  • NAME: Especial
  • PRICE: Low
  • GENDER: Gelding
  • BREEDING: Not known
  • YEAR BORN: 2010
  • HEIGHT: 160 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Allround
  • COLOUR: Bayo

This lovely gelding is called Especial.. He has a super calm and sweet character and is nice and forward to ride. He has only basic schooling of walk, trot and canter but he is very willing to please his rider and can probably develop easily with the right person. He moves very nicely.

His face is a little bit asymetric. He on the left side of his font between the eye and the nose he has a sligtly deeper indentation than on the right. It’s hard to spot when you are not looking for it but I just want to make it clear that he has it.

When  you hack him out he is forward but he is very obedient.


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Really sweet PRE cross Gelding from 2010
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