Quilloso a PRE with Future

  • NAME: Quilloso
  • PRICE: Exclusive
  • GENDER: Stallion
  • BREEDING: Diosdado
  • YEAR BORN: 2010
  • HEIGHT: 165 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Dressage
  • COLOUR: Grey
  • Young PRE with great movment
  • Perfect for classical dressage
  • Very nice temperament

Quilloso a PRE with Future as both a classical dressage horse and a competitive dressage horse. The first time I met Quilloso was when I was visiting his stable with a client to see another horse. He is the youngest horse in the stable but he is also the one that grabs your attention. He was playing with his water bowl splashing his water all over his box neighbour. I don’t know if he had some sort of agreement with his buddy where by he was helping him to cool down in the 42 Celsius degree heat or something but he was really showing off. He splashed a big wave of water and then looked up to us as if to show how useful he was! The minute someone approached his door he would be there ready to do something. Just a wonderful playful character.

This is the type of horse that has a heart for both of you. He will work to please you until he falls to his knees. He constantly want to prove himself better. Maybe it’s because his breeding has made it easy for him to carry the rider and therefore it’s not hard work for him to do the schooling.  Or maybe it’s his breeding that comes from horses with big hearts and almost godly status that makes him a true gentleman that will try his hardest. Never the less he is a Pura Raza Española of the highest degree and breeding.

He can now do walk, trot and canter. He extends the trot well and does some shoulder in and halfpass. This horse is a perfect candidate for anyone who has little to no experience due to his cooperative nature. A great horse to develop with!

To describe Quilloso in two words would be positive lightness!



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