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If you are curious to alternative routes to find your dream horse, Andalusitano can now give you the unique opportunity to help you find your horse by using the unknown…

I know! It sounds completely “dopey” especially to a sceptical person like me but let me tell the story..

Ellinor1I was not too long ago contacted by a lady from Sweden who said a medium had seen her new horse with me… Even thought I thought it might have been a little far fetched I went with it…
She gave me a description of the type of horse that she needed and I offered several different horses.. None of them seemed to be the one..

A few days passed and then she got back to me and told me the exact words that the medium had said to her…
“He will be like a Greek Adonis”   When I heard those words, I knew exactly which horse it was.. I showed the horse to the lady and she immediately said that was her horse!

If I wouldn’t have heard the words the medium spoke I probably would not have thought about that horse for this particular lady…
The medium is Eleonor Amora from Sweden and I have the honour of offering you her services to find you the horse that you need…

(Remember, it might not always be the horse that you want, that is the one that you actually need…)

Let me introduce Eleonor..

Get help to find your dream horse!
Eleonor Amora is a well known international lifecoach and multidimensional medium from Sweden. She lives in a beautiful farm open for everyone in Storsjöns Sinnero in Ytterån in Sweden but she works all over the world. She says “She has her feet on the ground and her gaze in the sky”. It’s this balance that she wants to flow through everything that she does. Through her school Eternia she educates healers, regression pedagogues and multidimensional mediums, that can communicate with all different types of dimensions.
Eleonor is very engaged in a sustainable ecological lifestyle and she likes to explain in her role as a teacher how it affects our energetic flow, energy body and how it can lead to illness if we don’t take responsibility for this before it’s too late. We have a great responsibility for how we are trusted in caring for this planet for the good of our children.

So how can she help you find your dream horse?

By doing a medial reading on you she can see what kind of personality you have and your strengths and weaknesses that are important in order for her in cooperation with Sofie of Andalusitano to connect you with the horse that is most suited for you. All to help you find your life partner..

How is it done practically?

In order for Eleonor to do your reading she will need to know your name and you will need to send her a picture of yourself. She will never start reading anything without your permission. Nothing of this is happening automatically without you contacting her, so you can keep reading!

What she does, is that she tunes in medially on your energy system and your soul energies; she will not read your mind or make any invasion in your private life. By tuning into your energy system she can see the strengths and weaknesses in your soul and in your energy. Then she sees the attributes of the different horses and how they match the longing of your soul…

You can contact Eleonor by using the form below. You don’t have to send your picture straight away.. If you just want to know a little bit more about doing a reading or how much it costs.. Just write a message below..

Good luck!

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