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Dear buyer,

It has come to our attention from a client, that some other companies also selling horses in Spain call themselves an “umbrella” company for all other horse selling websites on the web featuring PRE, Andalusian, Iberian and Spanish horses for sale. They say to their clients that all other websites, including Andalusitano are under the same umbrella, that we all share the horses placed on the websites, and it doesn’t matter with which website you buy your new horse. This is absolutely NOT true and is totally false marketing and possibly a criminal offence.

Umbrella lightning

Found this fitting image of what happens with an umbrella in a lightning storm…

Andalusitano is a completely independent agency.

Andalusitano does NOT work with any other agency.

The people that work with Andalusitano are: Sofie Gates and Karolina Lyrefelt (Karolina is a new member of team since March 2015)

It DOES matter with whom you buy your horse!

We have also seen that the texts from our website for the processes of purchasing, vetting, transporting etc. has been copied by several other agencies. Not down to every single word but since we changed our concept of our website they seem to have changed into the same concept… Some of them also have stolen our videos and photos, but have taken them down on our demand.

Horses sold…
The other websites also feature horses as sold by them, when they are in fact sold by Andalusitano!! (We don’t have time to update our website including the sold horses section, as fast as we sell them, as we are on the road constantly working finding our clients new horses! We don’t sit in front of the computer all day long stealing other peoples work!)

Our time and artistic work…
Perhaps you are not familiar with the work involved in finding these horses! It’s hundreds of miles driving across all of Andalucia, spending a long time choosing, preparing, videoing and photographing the horses. Sometimes (quite often) we do a 600 km trip in vain, only to find the horse we are meant to photograph is lame or it’s not like we were told or imagined it to be.  When we get the right horse, we spend hours editing the video, photos and writing the text, just have it all stolen off us.. It  makes us feel like our work is worth nothing.

Sofie has spent a long time writing the articles on this website making them her own. And then she sees her words and concept copied similarly in other websites without respect for her work.. You get the drift…

We just want you as the buyer to know…

  1. There is no umbrella company.
  2. The texts on the pages on this website are the original texts written by Sofie. If figured similarly on any other website, they have been stolen from here.
  3. Some of the horses featured as sold by other websites may in fact NOT be sold by them, but sold by Andalusitano!
Our friend Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro 1998. Picture: Sony Pictures TV. Inc.

Our friend Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro 1998. Picture: Sony Pictures TV. Inc.

So what have we done to try to avoid this (as much as possible)?

  1. We have stopped putting out the real names of the horses and call them alias names as then the information about the horse is harder to find for the wrong person. Of course we will give the real name and pedigree to our clients.
  2. We have stopped putting up the best PRE dressage horses on the website (as they are few and far between and really hard to find) to protect our work. If you are looking for a dressage schooled horse please send us a message! We have about 30 horses all very schooled that are not on the website.

So welcome to Andalusitano! We are real people who really love horses and enjoy helping you find your dream horse!



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