Egoista X the perfect name for this horse!

  • NAME: Egoista X
  • PRICE: Med/Excl
  • GENDER: Stallion
  • BREEDING: Yeguada Militar
  • CHARACTER: Bombproof
  • YEAR BORN: 2003
  • HEIGHT: 166 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Allround
  • COLOUR: Grey

Egoista probably got his name because he was the best looking in the herd when he was a foal and he knew it! This horse is so gorgeous! He is exactly what you dreamed of when you lied in your room as a little girl. All the posters on the walls were of him and you just thought if only, one day he could be mine!

Guess what! He can!

This horse is more of a show off horse and hacking horse than a dressage horse. He is perfect for anyone who wants a traffic proof hacking companion to ride around your friends house and show off. Perhaps stop off at the bar on the way back home! That’s what Egoista is made for. He is an distinguished gentleman with an age of 14 (this year) who is very sound and strong for his age. He has lots of more mileage under the hood. He also comes with some party tricks under his sleeve such as Spanish Walk and a bit of piaffe.

Top things with him includes: Standing still when mounting. Not walking off when left un-tied. Traffic proof. The most gorgeous horse in the stable. May call you when you arrive at the stable. Will always ask for carrots. Can stand outside a bar for ages until you are finished!

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