Andalusian mare and best friend! Total beginners horse00:00

  • NAME: Azalea
  • PRICE: Low
  • GENDER: Mare
  • BREEDING: Not known
  • CHARACTER: Bombproof
  • YEAR BORN: 2010
  • HEIGHT: 160 cm
  • DISCIPLINE: Allround
  • COLOUR: Grey

Let me present the wonderful mare Azalea. She has been the best friend of a teenage girl who has taught her everything she knows. She does a medium level dressage test. She does some bullfighting riding, she does freedom dressage, she bows, lies down, sits, rears, does a small capriole, can be ridden without a bridle. She is being used as support for handstand, the owner lies on her backwards… You name it she’s done it. You couldn’t ask for a better mare as a first horse or teenage horse.
I know the video is a bit “Dreamy” in parts but try to look at the whole video and you will see what a good friend this mare is.
All the tricks in the video like the rearing and kicking out etc. has been asked for, the mare would never do that to be naughty or when not asked.

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